Sunday, 16 June 2013

Melbourne, GPC nationals and a slap in the face

Our trip to melbourne was everything i could have asked for and more. Walking off the plane on to the Tarmac in Melbourne it was FREEZING, the cold wind went straight through anything you were wearing. All for us piled in the car luggage in the boot and on my lap in the back seat, packed to the roofs, my husband, myself and 2 of our friends drove into Melbourne CBD. Lights from all the buildings flooding the night sky, high rises back to back, people rushing everywhere through the CBD like it was 9am on a Monday morning. Yep we had hit Melbourne and we were in for a life treat over the next 4 days and I think all 4 of us were going to have some what of a self discovery time. Arriving at the unit late at night we said our goodnights and went to our separate apartments. 

Day 1 started with a walk through the Melbourne CBD and into the Queen street markets, the food is amazing, the colours, the freshness, the crispness of the veges, the smell of the meats, fruit and freshly grinded coffee beans fills the ally ways. Why don't we have something like this in Brisbane, real fresh food straight from the farmers, markets that are open longer than just the weekend, this needs to be taught and excursions in schools (another blog all together). 

Walking into the start of the GPC national power lifting comp day 1, the electric atmosphere smacked you fair in the face, girls walking around in their soft suits, chalk and more chalk, warm up bars and racks set up out the back every where, (oh this weekend was only getting started . Sighhhhhhh). One thing that was paramount that this industry seemed different like no other, men that were to compete in days to come, women that for one reason or another who weren't, people that had or were competing supporting each other for there lifts was amazing. It was like a family or another community all together, competitors there for their own reasons, some to break personal PR's, World and Australian records, wining there own weight division or smashing out the comp all together. As day 1 came to end women left with their heads held high and smiles from ear to ear. 

Some people are born with determination that some people only dream of and never actually find. For this young athlete who only decided to give power lifting a red hot go a few months back and weighing in at a tiny 67kg but with an amazing physique that only comes with hard training and a perfect diet. Pulling world record in all 3 lifts, taking out not only his weight division but also the best overall lifter, this young athlete has a very bright future and is nothing short of inspirational for many. Just another example of power lifting brining the best out of their dathletes

As the day came to close my husband and I chose to hit the town to see what Melbourne had to offer, walking into the one and only Crown Casino. The music blaring, the lights going off, the numbers on the pokies going around, the dice rolling, the cards turning, the crisp $100 dollar notes in bundles of 10 being handed over like a packet of rice. All for the chance of it doubling, yes a chance, no guarantees, is it the thrill of a chance, is it the thrill of feeling in control or maybe uncontrollable at that moment, to only wake up the next morning for reality to hit you smack in the face.

Walking out of the casino, leaving the bling and ding behind me I squeeze my husbands hand that little tighter, knowing I have all the guarantees right here, I am feeling better than ever before and I am taking this world with both hands and I don't need to take those risky fake chances for a quick buzz because I now can live my life for real and wake up every day on a constant buz on life in general. 

Day 3 was what you could say where dreams start to become reality, sitting in small alleyway tucked away in the CBD of Melbourne and trying to take it all in. It is everything I imagined and more; the posters of events stuck on walls and ceilings, graffiti on the walls of which I would describe as untouched art, the aromas of bakery food and freshly grinded coffee filling the air, little cafes scattered throughout, the voices of everyone deep in conversation, this is Melbourne at it's best. Here i was sipping on a sparkling mineral water and talking to the one and only Damon Hayhow who I would describe as one of the most inspirational, well educated men, he does and will continue to redfine the strength and conditioning industry, opening amazing facilities and running program's to try and bring the industry to the next level. With his infectious personality and driven out look on life our conversation came to end and with another slap in the face I knew my life was on the right track. 

This is what these guys work for day in day out, the constant weighing of food to the gram, the late nights at the gym whilst there mates where out partying, the room was packed to the walls full of people watching eagerly to see what the big boys could lift. The room was electric, the best of the best were there Ricky Goodyear, Scott Wasson, Dan Green snd Odelle Manuel were just to name a few. These men were an inspiration to many of the women and men standing in the room, these men did not disappoint we were all standing on the edge of our toes whilst Australian, World records and world ever 1st numbers smashed out of the water. 

As the plane left the Tarmac, I looked out the windows at the lights of the buildings covering Melbourne I knew this was where my life was suppose to be; beside my biggest support my husband and my journey to healthier life was in full swing and Melbourne was the slap in the face I needed. I knew that my health and this journey had not only reignited the flame with my husband, that it had proved to me that I was on the right track and the sacrifices I was making now were going to pay off even if the road does get a little bumpy on the way.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed our beautiful city. You better come back soon!!